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I"m just an amateur EDM artist trying to make music that sounds catchy. I use FL Studio, and my passion as of right now is making chipstep, dubstep and chiptunes conglomerating together. I hope to explore more styles in the future.

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Criticism Please

Posted by BreadKing - June 12th, 2018

 Okay so I really want to improve as an artist, so I want to here some of your criticisms. Like for example, what's good about my songs? What's bad? I want to know. Also I kinda made this news post, and the last one, to test out this feature.

      Oh ya one last thing, which genre should I explore?

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mAYBE yOu shoulD makQE bettER MUSic

I'll help you if you help me. Deal?

P.s I use FL cuz ableton is nerdy

Bread King, I'll eat you!
And you will make music in my inards!
BTW, just do what you like and ejoy your progress.

Lol okay

I think the best thing to do to get better at any creative field, is a two-parter:
1 - Find someone else who does it good
2 - Rip them off

Hear me out lol

When I first decided to pursue art in school I could tell that learning about how Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel, or how many times the Mona Lisa got stolen or damaged, would never actually help me in the long run. So what I did was I found a bunch of artists I liked, and recreated their styles. I blantantly ripped off the drawing techniques, colour palettes and subject matter of countless great artists, but never passed it off as my own. I did it to learn how they did it, to see the world through the eyes of my greatest inspirations. Lately, I've been getting into music and have been doing the exact same thing, replicating artists like Radiohead and Steampianist and such to see how they made their music.

So try that out if you haven't already, and don't be afraid to do it in a method or medium you're uncomfortable with because that will further expand your mental library of creative techniques to try out in future works.

Interesting... I actually kinda did that with my latest track. I should do it more maybe

Use different samples, maybe download custom soundfonts for FL Studio.

I have the demo, will this still work for the demo? DM me

i can't really help because i only have made music ones or twice and never intent to post it but the only help i could give is to use youtube to learn more things and you can get alot of help and advice with the video's you watch. that is usually what i do to inprove my drawing. anyway i hope that helps out a bit. and just practise that also helps :p but i am sure you knew that already.